Payment Of Autographs

Please note that because Hollywood-Autographs is a division of Celebrity Ink Autographs, all payments through Hollywood-Autographs will show on your Paypal Account or Credit Card Statement as a purchase from Celebrity Ink Autographs.

As Hollywood-Autographs and Celebrity Ink Autographs are UK based companies, all of our autographs must be pre-paid for in Pounds Sterling (GBP),  We currently accept card payments by Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit through Paypal.  Sorry, but we no longer accept cheques or money/postal orders as payment.  International customers must please remember that currency exchange rates vary daily and that the amount shown on your card or Paypal statement will be in your local currency converted at a rate decided by by your card issuer.  International customers must also be aware that a card issuer may apply an international transaction charge to the cost of your purchase.  This is beyond our control.   All prices on this website are inclusive of any local sales taxes that might be applicable, but do not include any shipping costs.  Customers are liable for all shipping costs.  Shipping costs are shown before final payment is made during checkout.  We only ship using a service that requires a customer signature on delivery.  This is not the cheapest method of shipping, but it is for both your and our security. 


Availability of Autographs  

All autographs on this site are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.  However it is our policy to contact you if a product is out of stock and if you do not wish to proceed with the order or for any reason we cannot supply the autograph(s), we will arrange for the order to be cancelled.   Quantities may be allocated at our discretion.

Faulty Or Damaged Autographs

Every autograph sent by us should be in great condition, but as many of the photos are signed at mass public events, they may suffer from minor wear.   If you think that the autograph(s)you have purchased is damaged, please let us know straight away.  If needed, you should return the autographs to us.  We will inspect the autograph(s) and if subsequently found not to be faulty the customer will be charged for the return postage. If the autograph(s) are faulty a replacement will be re-sent at our cost or the item wil be refunded if a replacement is no longer available.

Refunds And Returns


  • Please refer to the Returns page for all the information you might need regarding returns.
  • Liability Except as may be implied by law and except in the case of death or personal injury where the Customer is dealing as a consumer, in the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by us the remedies to you shall be limited to damages which shall in no circumstances exceed the price of the Goods and we shall under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages


We will make every effort to honour the prices shown (E&OE), but reserve the right to alter prices should it be necessary. Prices ruling at the date of dispatch will be charged. We will inform you of any price increases on your order before shipping.  You can then amend or cancel your order if you wish.


Many of the images on this website will show a "Hollywood-Autographs" watermark.  This watermark is NOT on the autographed photo itself.  Watermarks are used by us to prevent the copying of our images.   Copied images might end up for sale as either reprints or even being passed off as original autographs.  We at Hollywood Autographs/Celebrity Ink Autographs will do everything in our power to prevent such forgeries making their way to the open market, hence the adoption of the watermark.


IMPORTANT.  We do not ship to South American countries due to the aggresive import taxation on Signed For commercial items posted to certain countries there.  PLEASE do not order from this site if you are a resident in South America as we will have to cancel your order.  Currently we cannot remove South American countries from our checkout so even though it is actually possible for you to physically place your order, we will not fulfill your order and will refund you.  This issue is only with South American Countries.  We are sorry that blocking South American customers has become necessary.

German Customers. We do not ship to Packstations in Germany.  Packstations do not have the facility to accept parcels shipped Signed For and as we only ship using this method we cannot therefore ship to packstations.  A residential address must be used for all German customers.

All images and logos on this website are copyright (c) their respective owners and are used under fair usage with no copyright infringement intended.  All rights reserved.  All autographed images are copyright (c) and may not be copied for any reason.